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Container Workshops

Every site has a different purpose, and the very best workshops and facilities are designed and manufactured with these purposes in mind.

You might need to provide shelter and protection for valuable equipment, the space to maintain and refurbish vehicles or vital workspace for your staff. But how do you ensure comfort, convenience and practicality, especially when a site may only be worked in the short or medium term?

A dome shelter container workshop can provide all the facilities that a remote or temporary site needs, including ample workspace, offices, a lunchroom and bathroom facilities. You may also require specialist storage for gases, hydraulic hose assembly or other equipment, which a dome shelter can provide.

As a trusted and experienced manufacturer of container workshops, we work with you and your intentions to design and deliver the exact dome shelter and facilities that you need. A container workshop is ideal for short-to-medium term requirements. Your mine site may have a life of two to three years, or you need vehicle refurbishment space for a matter of months. The best thing is that wherever you go next, your container workshop can be taken down, transported across the state or country, and be reassembled quickly where needed. It can even be placed into temporary storage.

Container workshops can be constructed to 16m high and sized to house a fleet of trucks, or right down to a more modest 12m x 12m setup. Before construction begins, we lay the appropriate foundation based on the time you’ll be spending at the site. We also take your budget into account and make recommendations based on your workforce and site intentions.

As we come from the mining and services industry we’re able to anticipate your site and container workshop needs, so if you’re not sure where to start, just ask one of our friendly team to help. Our container workshops are manufactured in Perth and have short prefabrication, delivery and assembly times. Best of all we offer a complete service, so your staff and equipment can move straight in.

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