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Dome and Container Installations

The Many Uses for Dome and Container Installations

Tough, uncompromising conditions require tough, uncompromising facilities for both your staff and your equipment. Imagine this scenario: you’ve got a site with a life of three to five years. You need an office, workspace, toilets and large amounts of storage, and you need them fast.

A dome and container installation can provide safe, sturdy facilities quickly and easily.

A container installation is built to last and can protect your mining or agricultural and farming equipment.

Container igloos are also a great option for aircraft and helicopter hangars and to house transportation vehicles.

When you’re ready to move sites, the domes, workshop spaces and container installations come with you.

They are fully transportable investments that can adapt to your changing business needs.

If you’re not sure exactly what your site needs our experienced consultants can advise you on size and layout based on your machinery, workforce and aims. Construction of your installation is speedy as well, with a six-week turnaround time from order confirmation.

Because our workers come from within the mining industry, we understand the need for robust, reliable equipment that’s also safe and comfortable. It’s why we’ve been supplying some of the biggest names in the business since 2007.

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