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Specialised Bodies

If you’re travelling around the state or country on public education or training purposes then finding the comfortable facilities at your destination can be a challenge.

Maybe you need a sales office in which to welcome clients, or portable office space. Meeting these needs can be a challenge, but what if you could take the ideal premises with you wherever you go?

A specialised composite unit is a highly insulated, lightweight and strong structure that provides comfort and convenience in remote or off-site locations. It’s the perfect unit in which to welcome, meet and discuss with potential clients or the public and has a professional, modern appearance.

Built from a fibreglass foam sandwich, the units keep out heat, dust and noise, and are strong enough to be transported around the state. A robust chassis means they can be mounted on trucks or taken on and off vehicles using a crane or forklift.

All our specialised composite units are made to order to your requirements with a build time of 5 weeks from confirmation of order. Costs are comparable to a fitted out container, but with the added advantage of reduced weight.

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