Relocatable Dome Workshops

Relocatable dome workshops and complexes are modified shipping containers.

Pop Up Bars and Cafes

Pop-up Cafes suitable for parks, beaches, sidewalks and gardens.

Lube Units

Our relocatable Lube units with innovative technology.

Amenity Trailers

Self-contained mobile facility with separated flushing toilets.

Aircraft Hangers

Protecting and maintaining aircraft and helicopters on remote and temporary sites

Container Workshops

A container workshop is ideal for short-to-medium term requirements.

Specialised Bodies

Highly insulated, lightweight and strong structure Portable Structure

Container Modifications

from design through to installation.

We offer products with exceptional environmental adaptability so whatever the terrain or weather our clients can be confident their workforce remains protected and efficient.

Relocatables Australia’s containerized systems and solutions meet the most diverse needs, this is achieved by long standing relationships with our clients.

As we are able to relocate our products as the client’s needs change this provides them with significant benefits.

Relocatables Australia designs, manufactures and installs a range of truly relocatable, cost effective products for the mining, civil, construction, local government, utility and aviation industries, including workshops, lube units, amenity units, pop up cafes and waste water treatment plants

Designed for Rapid Deployment & Installation

Our access to leading technology combined with years of practical experience across a wide range of industries allows us to offer innovative solutions and cutting edge products to our clients.

Relocatables Australia

Your no.1 supplier


We aim to be the No.1 supplier of the most advanced, innovative and environmentally friendly relocatable infrastructure in Australia

We aim to meet or exceed our customer’s requirements by providing ongoing support, ensuring our products are performing to their highest standards.

We value our customers feedback and use that input to continuously develop and enhance our products and services.