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Aircraft Hangers

Protecting and maintaining aircraft and helicopters on remote and temporary sites can be an expensive and demanding enterprise.

As site needs change, you need to ensure that wherever you go your valuable equipment has shelter and you provide the right facilities for those who work with it.

A dome shelter aircraft hanger can be erected speedily and for the fraction of the cost of a permanent structure, and provide vital facilities for your crew and engineers. A dome shelter can include offices and workshops – in fact, everything you need to make your site functional for your aircraft. We take the time to find out what these needs and design the facilities to your specifications.

Our aircraft hangers are manufactured locally in Western Australia and are erected around the state and Australia, on offshore rigs and even internationally. This is possible because the shelters are prefabricated in parts that are easily transported to and assembled where they’re needed, and on a foundation that we lay which suits the projected timeframe for the site.

We provide a complete service, from order to assembly, so that your aircraft, crew and engineers can move straight in. When you’re ready to change sites, our aircraft hangers go with you, or can be put into storage until they’re needed again.

The hangers can be sized to fit several aircraft and helicopters at a time, with the largest to date being 36m long and 25m wide with an internal height of 9m. The door opening can be client specific within the structure. The hangars consist of modified containers with a steel framed fabric dome. The end walls are steel framed with fabric to the top of the containers with steel cladding to the ground for security.

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