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Amenity Trailers

Amenity Trailers for Comfort and Convenience on Location

Your workers’ comfort and well-being is paramount in tough, remote conditions, but it can be difficult to provide facilities that are cost-effective, convenient and move with you. There is lunchroom space and toilets to provide, and whatever you do invest in has to last.

Relocatables can answer these needs in a single Amenities Trailer. Each of our trailers are made to order from strong, scratch-proof fibreglass and are customisable to your needs.

As well as a lunchroom and kitchen area with a fridge and microwave and hot and cold water, the amenity trailers have a freshwater flushing toilet, and even office space depending on the size you choose. Power is supplied through the mains, or by an onboard generator in remote locations.

The fridge has solar power abilities so you’ll never be caught out.

We use only energy efficient and insulating materials to ensure that the inside stays cool, and it’s light enough to tow even with a full load of water. The water tanks have 5-6 days’ capacity and are cleverly positioned so the trailer has a low centre of gravity for freeway towing.

Wherever your workers drive to, the trailer can come as well.

You might be thinking, why not buy a caravan instead? But caravans were built for recreation, not for workers, and don’t have the same spacious, built-to-last interior of an amenity trailer that can cater up to sixteen workers.

They also weren’t made to withstand the rigours of heavy boots and tough usage. We also know how dirty some work can be, and that’s why our trailers have an exterior sink that can be used for clean-up before workers go inside.

Our Amenity Trailers are built from scratch from 6 to 12.1 metres in length and 2.5 metres wide, and are priced from $110,000 fully equipped and ready to go. You can also enquire about our leasing options.

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